Dedicated sports saloon

The Porsche Panamera is the only dedicated sports saloon in a class where all its rivals are sporting derivatives of luxury saloons. Yet, as focused as it is, the Panamera does not forgo interior space or creature comforts. Think of it instead as a roomy, comfortable four-seat, four-door GT.

While both visually and technically related to the MISTRALE four-door supercar that GEMBALLA also bases on the Panamera Turbo, the far less extreme GTP offers owners the opportunity to own a GEMBALLA car that is a practical daily driver.

1 hp
Max. Power
1 Nm
Max. Torque
> 1 mph
1 ,2 seconds
0-62 mph



  • Specifications

    Length: 4,970 mm
    Width: 1,931 mm
    Height: 1,418 mm
    Color: Free choice

Wheels, Suspension and Brake System

  • Specifications

    Wheel set: Forged wheel set GEMBALLA GT SPORT Forged
    FA: 10.0J x 22" with ZR22 tires
    RA: 11.0J x 22" with ZR22 tires
    Color scheme: Free choice

Engine and Performance

  • Specifications

    Max. Power: 550 hp - 720 hp / 405 kW - 530 kW
    Max. Torque: 820 Nm - 960 Nm
    0-62 mph: 4.1 sec. - 3.2 sec.
    Vmax: >190 mph - >210 mph
    Transmission: Stock 7-speed dual clutch, PDK


  • Specifications

    Urban in l/100 km: 14,7
    Non-Urban in l/100 km: 8,7
    Combined in l/100km: 11,5


In the edition of the GTP 700, this GEMBALLA does not have aerodynamic modifications to the standard car.

Big brother

However, the GEMBALLA MISTRALE - based on the same Porsche model - is presented with an elaborate aerodynamics package made of highly stable carbon fiber-reinforced plastic as well as with individual solutions for its interior design — created according to the most discerning standards of craftsmanship.

Enormous speed

But even without aerodynamic modifications, the GTP 700 is able to reach enormous speed.

Highspeed test

During independent tests on a closed-off airport, the GTP 720 achieved a new acceleration record for roadworthy cars of its weight category (approx. 2.3t). And there also is the new Sachsenring lap-time record for Panamera-based cars. The car’s configuration for this test, initiated by a renowned sports car magazine, was a standard customer’s version, everybody can order from GEMBALLA.

300 kph in 26.4 secondsWhen accelerating from zero to 100 kph, the tester even undercut the GEMBALLA specs (3.3 seconds). The official result: 3.2 seconds, one second faster than the production car’s. The result is even more impressive when reaching 200 kph, not to mention 300, when the GTP 720 undercuts the production version’s acceleration by more than a half.

GEMBALLA GTP 720 – improvement on the production car
0-100 kph:  3.2 seconds – 1 second faster
0-200 kph 9.7 seconds – 3 seconds faster
0-300 kph:26.4 seconds – 33.6 seconds faster

Suspension, Wheels and Brakes

In the process of sharpening the GTP’s claws of the, GEMBALLA’s engineers were careful not to erode the comfort zone that makes this car such a good cross-continental rocket. Their pre-development work quickly established that the standard chassis with its cutting-edge twin chamber air-suspension and rear-biased all-wheel-drive power distribution was well up to the task of coping with the 700 hp output of the GTP engine conversion. Jointly developed with brake partner, Brembo, the massive cross-drilled and grooved 411 mm and 380 mm diameter vented front and rear discs are clamped by six and four-piston calipers respectively. Each of these calipers is milled from a solid alloy billet, F1 style, and weighs around 3.0 kg, less than half of its OE equivalent. A supplementary ram air ventilation system further enhances brake cooling. Thus, putting more rubber on the road while improving the cars aesthetic appeal was the way to go. And doing it with no increase in unsprung weight was an important part of GEMBALLA’s lightweight philosophy. The key to this is GEMBALLA’s 22-inch diameter, ultra-light GT Sport Forged alloy wheels. Weighing less than the factory 20-inch wheels, these big wheels make the car look even better proportioned. However, for owners who live in countries with bad roads, the GT Sport and GT Sport R designs are also available in 20-inch diameter.

Exhaust & Engine

The Porsche Panamera Turbo packs a 500 hp punch out of the box, while the S version boasts a supercar killing 570 hp. This pair of super saloons is thus a perfect base for the three GEMBALLA GTP power upgrades. The entry-level conversion for the Turbo is a cost effective software upgrade that increases performance to 550 hp, while Stage 2 for both models consists of a handful of new and modified mechanical components along with an ECU remap that takes power to a stupendous 615 hp. Power junkies who never want to be overtaken by anything short of a Bugatti Veyron will love the Stage 3 conversion, which uses a pair of bespoke turbochargers, enhanced intercoolers and a raft of other mechanical upgrades to make 720 hp with a torque of 960 Nm (electronically limited). This puts the GTP’s performance on a level that most supercars can only dream of. Even major league supercars like the Ferrari Enzo have to work very hard to keep up with the GTP 720, which rockets to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, hits 200 km/h in 9.6 seconds and 300 km /h in 26.4 seconds, on its way to its 338.8 km/h top speed. And these are not hypothetical numbers. The GEMBALLA GTP 700 was officially and independently clocked at 338.8 kph (See the test in our News section) by the staff of the Nardo Technical Centre, in conjunction with Auto Bild Sportscars magazine. Any GTP variant, or even a standard Panamera Turbo, benefits from the GEMBALLA sports exhaust system, which lowers backpressure for more power, and also looks good with its big, polished tailpipes. A bypass valve system keeps the decibels down to a restrained V8 burble around town. When you reach the open road, you can unleash its full singing voice at the touch of a button.


Elegant luxury or sporty luxury? This is the only question you need to ask when choosing the leather and fabric for the GTP’s upholstery and the wood, carbon-fibre or aluminium for its trim inserts. GEMBALLA’s experienced interior specialists can help you choose from a wide range of options, or you can sit down with them and create an entirely bespoke one-off interior together. This is automotive haute couture tailoring at its best.

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