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The German "builder of legends" - a reference in engineering and design

Only a few very special cars achieve legendary status, and the GEMBALLA AVALANCHE, MIRAGE, TORNADO, AERO and MISTRALE can be counted amongst their numbers. For 38-years, GEMBALLA has been creating automotive legends based on various Porsche models, and these visionary cars have always excited enthusiasts with their design, quality and forward looking technology.

2012 saw the debut of GEMBALLA’s bespoke programme for the products of British manufacturer, McLaren, whose cutting edge 12C supercar is a symbiotic fit for the forward looking, technology-led German manufacturer and tuner.  GEMBALLA is more than just a tuner. In 1985, the then fledgling company was awarded its coveted ‘manufacturer’ status by the German Transport Authority, Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA). Now under third-generation management with CEO, Steffen Korbach at the helm, GEMBALLA continues its relentless quest for perfection.

As far back as 1981, GEMBALLA was already Germany's premier creator of extravagant automobiles, and the AVALANCHE that stunned the world then still enjoys iconic status among car enthusiasts all over the world today. Paying homage to that achievement, the AVALANCHE name lives on in the current GEMBALLA model programme. Styling is only half the story at GEMBALLA where every car and component is as much about substance as style. So while each fully resolved aero design owes as much to the wind tunnel as it does to the stylists pen, the technical expertise that hones the engines and chassis has to be experienced from behind the wheel.

No stone is left unturned here, and no compromise tolerated when it comes to technical perfection. But while such quality comes at a price, that perfection will be remembered long after the price is forgotten. Owners can be confident that they have a vehicle that is not only attractive but also truly state-of-the-art in all respects.
GEMBALLA uses digital measuring equipment at the start of the development phase to ensure that all the aerodynamic components that are designed and made in Germany fit the factory mountings like OE parts. At GEMBALLA, what looks like carbon-fibre is carbon-fibre, although some of these parts end up painted in body colour. "This light and strong material suits our philosophy perfectly,” says an enthusiastic Steffen Korbach, GEMBALLA’s CEO. “As in motorsport we use carbon-fibre structurally to reduce weight and add strength, rather than for decoration,” To emphasise this point, you will often find a complete door assembly hanging from a thin fishing line on GEMBALLA’s motor show stands.

This relentless pursuit of ‘light and strong’ during the genesis of the latest generation alloy wheels required both great engineering prowess and design creativity. But this diligence has resulted in some of the lightest and most elegant alloy wheels money can buy.  Low unsprung mass is crucial to good handling, and to save additional weight, GEMBALLA forged a partnership with Brembo to develop a cutting edge lightweight, high performance brake system.

This project gave birth to ground breaking ultra high performance disc and caliper technology. Built to exacting motorsport specifications, the production GEMBALLA brakes are one-third the weight of the standard factory system. Strong and consistent braking is an essential part of any GEMBALLA car, and these revolutionary brakes exhibited no significant fade when mercilessly thrashed at Hockenheim by a professional driver. GEMBALLA takes the lead once again! The engine performance kits are developed with respect for the design headroom of the base motor. “Optimised performance within limits” is the watchword here, because a GEMBALLA car should be fun to drive, yet remain reliable year in, year out.

When a conversion is completed, the engineers run a dynamometer test against the reference values, and a car will not be signed off for delivery to its owner until it meets or exceeds the reference specification. The client receives a signed copy of the final printout as certified proof of power output.

Bespoke interior trim was the original launch platform of GEMBALLA’s business, and this is still very much one of their specialties today. Anything is possible, from a basic leather colour change with contrasting piping, to a bespoke one-off interior with your family crest embossed in the fine leather and applied to carbon-fibre, aluminium or wood trim inserts. It goes without saying that only finest materials are used at the centre of automotive haute couture tailoring.

When Steffen Korbach tackles something, he gives it total commitment. This attention to detail runs through every facet of GEMBALLA, and each complete vehicle that leaves its workshop is both a work of art and an engineering masterpiece.

Steffen Korbach has invested a lot of time and energy in GEMBALLA’s worldwide sales network. He is aware that his dealers are experts in their own markets, and is always looking for people who not only know and embrace the GEMALLA legend, but who are also hungry to play their own role in its future.

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