Nature’s way: Just as nature evolves its creations step by step, GEMBALLA develops its concepts over time. This evolutionary principle has brought their AERO 2 kit for the Porsche Cayenne (958) to a state of perfection, increasing its physical presence and improving its aerodynamics.

For maximum flexibility, GEMBALLA offers a modular system that allows owners to cherry pick the light and strong AERO II carbon-fibre components from a menu, adding to them at will. The icing on the cake is the matching 22-inch alloy wheel set. The AERO I concept underlines GEMBALLA’s commitment to the Porsche Cayenne as the ultimate driving machine in its class.

1 hp
Max. Power
1 Nm
Max. Torque
> 1 mph
Limited Editions



  • Specification

    Length: 4,855 mm
    Width: 2,000 mm
    Height: 1,700 mm
    Material: All GEMBALLA aerodynamic components are produced from carbon-fibre
    Color scheme: Free choice
    Modular concept:

Wheels, Suspension and Brake System

  • Specification

    Wheel set: Forged wheel set GEMBALLA GT SPORT Forged 22"
    FA: 10.0J x 22" with ZR22 tires
    RA: 11.0J x 22" with ZR22 tires
    Color scheme: Free choice

Engine and Performance

  • Specification

    Max. Power: 550 hp - 700 hp / 405 kW - 515 kW
    Max. Torque: 980 Nm
    0-62 mph: 4.1 sec.
    Vmax: >188 mph
    Transmission: 8-speed Tiptronic S with Auto Start Stop function and gear shift controls on steering wheel


  • Specification

    Urban in l/100 km: 15,8
    Non-Urban in l/100 km: 8,4
    Combined in l/100 km: 11,5
    CO2 emissions g/km:


Building on the AERO I concept, the AERO II significantly changes the Cayenne’s appearance with the addition of larger wheel arch flares for a wider, tougher look.

Choose your look

Made from carbon-fibre, these arches can be ordered in a natural carbon-fibre look, or colour-coded to the bodywork. The Porsche Cayenne (958) is a prestigious and sporting SUV that feels as much at home in a prestigious shopping district as it does in front of five star hotels and exclusive golf clubs.

High-quality carbon-fibre

However, this very popularity has proved motivation enough for owners wishing stand out from the crowd to explore the possibilities GEMBALLA offers for individualising their car. This journey begins with the AERO I kit, where a new front spoiler lip, side skirts and rear valance made from high-quality carbon-fibre, improve the Cayenne’s aerodynamics, creating a sleeker and more ground hugging appearance.

Digitally dimensioned

With the base car digitally dimensioned as a first step during the development process, all the production AERO I parts fit perfectly and easily. Importantly, these components attach using the factory mounting points, and the conversion can easily be reversed when the car is sold.

From an aesthetic point of view, the GEMBALLA 22-inch wheels are highly recommended to balance and complete the new look the complete AERO II package brings.

Suspension, Wheels and Brakes

Power is nothing without control. To ensure perfect handling on a twisty road, GEMBALLA offers uprated spring and damper units for steel sprung cars, or a software upgrade for vehicles with the optional air suspension system. As an everyday road car, the Cayenne must retain a good balance between comfort and sportiness, so the calibration of the suspension is critical. GEMBALLA’s engineers aimed for dynamic refinement while retaining maximum ride comfort with their larger wheels. For Cayenne models with air suspension, GEMBALLA offers an electronic lowering module that reduces static ride height by up to 40mm, delivering a lower and more purposeful stance. As the size and design of its wheels have a direct bearing on the perceived overall proportions of a vehicle, GEMBALLA considers 22-inches to be the aesthetic optimum for the Cayenne. Thus, three designs - GT-Sport, GT-Sport R, and GT-Forged - are offered in this size. Thanks to its slim spoke design, the GT-Sport wheel is relatively light for a cast wheel, while the multi-piece style of its GT-Sport R derivative sends a more sporting message. The jewel in the crown is the ultra-light GEMBALLA GT-Forged wheel. This elegant five twin-spoke forged alloy wheel weighs even less than the factory 20-inch wheel, and sets a new class benchmark for light and strong alloy wheels. All these open-spoke wheels allow plenty of cooling air to reach the optional GEMBALLA big brake kit, which they so beautifully showcase. Jointly developed with brake partner, Brembo, the massive cross-drilled and grooved 411mm and 380mm diameter vented front and rear discs are clamped by six and four-piston calipers respectively. Each of these calipers is milled from a solid alloy billet, F1 style, and weighs around 3.0 kg, less than half of its OE equivalent. A supplementary ram air ventilation system further enhances brake cooling.

Exhaust & Engine

The heart of any car is its engine, and GEMBALLA injects its own brand of passion here, unlocking even more power and response from the best engine in its class. The GEMBALLA power upgrade for the Cayenne Turbo motor offers 550 hp (404 kW) and 850 Nm from a cost effective conversion that comes with full German TUV approval. The intrinsic deep growl of the V8 motor is enhanced by the EU-approved, stainless steel cat-back sports exhaust for all petrol-engined Cayenne models. As even the basic Cayenne has a dual nature to its personality, the four-outlet GEMBALLA sports exhaust has a valve system that allows you to exploit its refined nature in town, unleashing its extrovert full-on soundtrack on the open road at the touch of a button. Depending on the engine variant, the lower backpressure of this exhaust, which was developed on the test bench, and in extensive road and track testing, releases up to 10 extra horsepower (7.35 kW). If you are of a more extrovert nature, GEMBALLA also offers a six exhaust pipe variant, featuring three pipes grouped within a single angular outlet per side. Machined from a solid billet, these outlets come in a ‘BLACK MAGIC’ finish.


Choosing a GEMBALLA car is making a statement that can be further underlined by a matching bespoke interior. When it comes to a personal choice of colour and trim materials, the sky is the limit. High-quality leather and fine fabrics - plain or patterned - add to the feeling of unbridled luxury, and even the smallest switches and panels can be covered in fine leather or colour-coded. Trim insert panels in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon, wood, or even diamonds can all be handcrafted to complete a unique interior portrait. The experience and attention to detail of GEMBALLA’s master craftsmen and upholsterers guarantees a perfect result that will surprise and delight the owner. This is automotive haute couture at its finest. GEMBALLA’s bespoke programme also accommodates audiophiles and fans of technology, and anything from state-of-the-art multi-media to a built-in fridge to cool your champagne can be integrated into an interior.

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