Essen Motorshow 2013

GEMBALLA GmbH auf dem Stand von Autobild Sportscars auf der Motorshow in Essen 2013

The record-setting racer from Nardò up close and personal
GEMBALLA in the Autobild Sportscars booth

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6th PFF Annual Meeting 2013

GEMBALLA GmbH auf dem 6. PFF-Jahrestreffen am Meilenwerk

GEMBALLA exhibition "on our doorstep"
Meilenwerk organised the traditional event

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Porsche Days Francorchamps Spa 2013

GEMBALLA GmbH bei den Porsche Days Francorchamps in Spa 2013

GEMBALLA invited to attend "Eau rouge" with three vehicles

The Porsche Days are held each year at...

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Nardo High Performance Event 2013

GEMBALLA GmbH beim High Performance Event 2013 in Nardo

Going for a record in streetwear

GEMBALLA GTP 700 runs 338 km/h

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28. Conti Tuning Day 2013

GEMBALLA GmbH auf dem 27. Conti-Tuning-Tag auf dem Contidrom

Refiners among refiners at the Contidrom

GEMBALLA invited to attend with the GTP 700

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Dinslaken Porsche Meeting 2013

GEMBALLA GmbH auf dem Porsche-Treffen in Dinslaken 2013

Thousands of horsepower on the racecourse

GEMBALLA presents a seasonal convertible

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Verva Street Racing 2013

GEMBALLA GmbH beim Verva Street Racing 2013

GEMBALLA GT Spider fires up the crowd
GEMBALLA attended the Polish motorsports extravaganza with three vehicles

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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013

GEMBALLA GmbH beim Festival of Speed in Goodwood 2013

World's largest motoring garden party
GEMBALLA GT Spider at Goodwood

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Geneva International Motorshow 2013

GEMBALLA GmbH auf dem Automobilsalon Genf 2013

High-End-Performance down to the minutest detail

GEMBALLA on 83rd Geneva Motorshow

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