29th Conti Tuning Day 2014

The Conti-Tuning-Day is a gathering of tuner cars, jointly organised by Continental Tyres and Auto Bild Sportscars, Europe's largest dedicated high performance car magazine. Recently, the elite of the tuning world assembled at the Contidrom, the Continental Tyres high-speed test facility north of Hannover, for the 29th edition of this annual high-speed shootout.

With the event motto, “Over 300 km/h,” on a banner floating above the Contidrom, the bar was set for the most basic qualification required of any vehicle from the nine tuners entered in this high-speed contest. That benchmark is no problem for any car wearing the GEMBALLA name, and their weapon of choice for this event was the GTP 700, the GEMBALLA super-saloon based on the Porsche Panamera Turbo. Despite its mission in life as comfortable high-speed transport for four people, the 700 hp/515 kW and 950 Nm developed by its tuned twin-turbocharged V8, gives the two-ton GTP700 astonishing performance numbers on par with a major league supercar.

Underlining this on the day, the official timing equipment recorded a 0-100km/h time of 3.3 seconds, with a top speed of 338.8 km/h, thus securing the GTP700 a place high up in the overall rankings.
In addition to gathering the tuning elite and a group of journalists, the Conti-Tuning Day also played host to 10 Auto Bild Sportscars readers, the lucky winners of a contest in the magazine. Apart from being invited to attend the event, each of these readers was given the unique opportunity to ride shotgun in the tuned cars, with a professional driver at the helm. While some of the cars entered in the “Over 300km/h” contest were reminiscent of racing cars in the sparseness of their cabins, no-one who rode in the GTP 700 complained about lack of creature comforts. On that score, the GEMBALLA entry was in normal road trim with all its luxury accoutrements, exactly as a GEMBALLA customer can buy it.

A high top speed and supreme comfort are only two facets of the GEMBALLA GTP 700. Its agile handling and the beguiling sound of its four-pipe stainless steel exhaust system also helped to create a long queue for taxi rides in this car.
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