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GEMBALLA complete winter wheel sets for all Porsche modelsGEMBALLA complete winter wheel sets for all Porsche modelsGEMBALLA complete winter wheel sets for all Porsche models
When it comes to developing high-quality forged and cast wheels, GEMBALLA does not settle for technical or optical compromises: this makes the sporty designer wheels among the lightest in their class and real eye-catchers at any time of the year. That's why the car refining specialist is now moving ahead with attractive 20-inch, 21-inch and 22-inch complete winter wheel sets for the Porsche models 911, Cayenne and Panamera. For its exclusive GForged-one, GT Forged and GT SPORT-R designs, the Leonberg company teams up with premium winter tyre manufacturers Michelin and Vredestein.

The 21-inch GForged-one for the Model 911 Porsche is a true GEMBALLA showpiece and is produced exclusively in a high-quality forging process. This results in a particularly solid material structure, allowing us to realize light-weight designs in slender shapes. As wheels are part of the "unsprung mass", this form of "diet" is particularly effective for improving driving dynamics. Moreover, with its wide spacing and five elegant double spokes, the GForged-one is exceptionally attractive. For surface finish, customers have a choice of "Gunmetal" or "Black Magic" coating. Additional refinement for the spokes is provided by the "diamond cut" option, a particularly exclusive form of front polishing.

GEMBALLA offers the GT Forged as an attractive 22-inch complete winter wheel set for the current Porsche Cayenne model. As the name indicates, these wheels are also forged, and this particular version is stylistically closely related to the GForged-one. In this case, however, the spacing between the double spokes has been elegantly "bridged" to make them appear as five solid individual spokes – most befitting of a superior SUV. Here too, the customer has a choice of Black Magic or Gunmetal coating.

For the Cayenne and Panamera, GEMBALLA also offers a 20-inch and 22-inch cast wheel version by the name of SPORT GT-R, where all the stops were pulled in technical terms. The basic layout is a further development of the GT SPORT, with contrasting trim screws which make for a particularly aggressive and dynamic appearance. This design moreover creates an impressive multi-part look, making the GT SPORT-R a truly exclusive statement.

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