Already at first glance of the vehicle’s silhouette, the potent transformation of the Porsche 991 Turbo series into the GEMBALLA GTR 8XX EVO-R BITURBO becomes evident. Masculine bodywork expansion in line with striking front and rear modifications creates a self-assured appearance. However, the latest development of the Leonberg-based premium tuner, GEMBALLA, provides much more than a fascinating new aerodynamics concept: The performance increase to 818 hp in combination with the configurable performance handling system makes the GTR 8XX EVO-R BITURBO one of the strongest and fastest sports cars for use on the street as well as on the race track.

The GTR 8XX EVO-R BITURBO benefits from a wealth of experience with individualised Porsche supercars that hardly any other automobile refiner can draw on: numerous lap records on the Nordschleife, the Hockenheimring and the Sachsenring have clearly documented this since the company was founded in 1981.

The ultra-light bodywork components, most of them crafted in carbon-fiber, form the best tool for future records. The interplay of front skirt with integrated splitter, rear skirt with diffuser, rear fender and adjustable rear wings ensure aerodynamics to reduce friction as well as a spectacular design. The fender attachments broaden the bodywork on the front axle by 30 millimetres and on the rear axle by 50 mm, and create space for wider, more adhesive wheels.

Especially for the increased requirements of the power Porsche, GEMBALLA fits a finely adjustable chassis and an aligned wheel-tyre combination. Because of the production of the 20-inch alloy wheel GRS-F2 made using forging technology, it is especially light and therefore significantly improves the handling and driving properties. The wheel-tyre combination is used in 9,5Jx20-inch dimensions with a size of 265/35 ZR20 at the front and 11.5Jx20-inch rims with 325/30 ZR20 at the back.

Large ventilation openings in the newly designed rear apron offer a view into the heart of the GTR 8XX EVO-R BITURBO - the largely modified power unit: The performance of the 3.8 litre boxer biturbo engine has been increased by the GEMBALLA engine technicians from a standard 540hp/397kW to 818 hp/602 kW at 7,050 rpm. At the same time, the maximum torque has increased from 660 Nm to 1,098 Nm at 3,920 rpm. The Performance Turbo system includes intake manifolds and air intake housings made of carbon-fiber, reworked cylinder heads and valves, new throttle valve bodies, high-performance air filters, a folding-controlled sports exhaust system with metal catalytic converters and a new engine and gearbox management system.

Measures that are plain to see. At 2.38 seconds to 100 km/h, the GTR 8XX EVO-R BITURBO outperforms its serial counterpart by more than a second. The new top speed is sensational: Due to increased performance, the top speed is well over 370 km/h.

In the interior, GEMBALLA combines the finest materials with proven motor sport components. The upholsterers only use selected leather hides and the best alcantara for the covers of the fittings, bucket seats and the roll bar. Precisely crafted embroidering of the GEMBALLA logo in the foot mats and the head rests provides an additional visual focus.



Front bumper
Front spoiler lip in genuine carbon-fiber
Side skirts
Fender extensions
Rear bumper
Rear diffusor in genuine carbon-fiber
Enlarged rear wing in genuine carbon-fiber
Engine bonnet with genuine carbon-fiber insert
Wheel-/tyre combination:
20" GRS-F2 forged wheels
FA   9,5Jx20" – 265/35 ZR20
RA 11,5Jx20" – 325/30 ZR20

Power upgrade:
Compression reduced
Inlet/outlet ports enlarged
Larger valves
Reinforced connecting rods
Pressure pipe
Sport catalysts
Sport exhaust system
Electronic remapping of gearbox and engine control unit

Airbox in genuine carbon-fiber

Performance at rotational speed:  818 HP / 602 kW at 7,050 rpm
Max. torque at rotational speed 1,098 Nm at 3.920 rpm

0 : 100 in 2,38 sec
0 : 200 in 7,5 sec
100 : 200 in 4,7 sec

Top speed over 370 km/h (TBA)

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