Sports exhaust for Porsche 991 Turbo

GEMBALLA sport echaust system for Porsche 991 TurboGEMBALLA sport echaust system for Porsche 991 TurboGEMBALLA sport echaust system for Porsche 991 Turbo
GEMBALLA, the globally recognised specialist for exclusive Porsche refinements, fulfils the wish of many 991 Turbo owners for a more powerful exhaust sound and developed a new, significantly more sound-present exhaust system. Resulting from an increased pipe diameter and the use of an valve-controlled exhaust system from now on the Porsche Turbo has the sound of pure motor-sport. But not only the sound benefits from fitting the new exhaust system, the power of the engine is also increased by a respectable 10 bhp. The end silencer, made completely out of stainless steel, is compatible with the standard catalysers, as well as with the optional GEMBALLA sports catalysers or replacement pipes for the catalysers. GEMBALLA also offers sloped sport end pipes with a diameter of 2x90 millimetres.
GEMBALLA offers the sports exhaust at a price of 3,280.00 € (excluding VAT). The GEMBALLA tailpipes cost 780.00 € (excluding VAT). The GEMBALLA sports catalysers cost 2.500.00 € (excluding VAT). The GEMBALLA catalysers replacement pipes cost 1.780.00 € (excluding VAT).

Key facts:
- Material: Stainless steel
- Pipe diameter increased to 70 mm
- Valve-controlled exhaust system
- Standard tailpipes can be used
- GEMBALLA tailpipes 2x90 mm, sloped, optional
- Sporty, meatier sound
- Can be used with standard catalysers as well as with GEMBALLA sports catalysers and GEMBALLA catalyser replacement pipes
- up to 20 hp (14 kW) more power in conjunction with the GEMBALLA motor controller (standard up to 10 hp / 7 kW)

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