Perfectly balanced design and function

Carbon-fiber front spoiler lip with LEDsCarbon-fiber front spoiler lip with LEDsCarbon-fiber front spoiler lip with LEDs
The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, built from 2003 to 2009, is a carbon-fiber monument on wheels. Even though, given its attractive paintwork, you don’t actually see it, there is hardly any non-carbon-fiber part in its body. To make the owners of this super sports car visually relate to this light and stable material, GEMBALLA, the renown sports car refining manufacturer, provides an elegant carbon-fiber front spoiler lip with high gloss finish.

Following the motto of “lightweight construction + light design“, the component made in Germany has integrated LED daytime running lights. This stylistic trick draws attention to the bottom and lateral parts of the SLR’s front as well, which are otherwise overshadowed by the Formula-1-like nose. And the GEMBALLA front spoiler lip draws upon the latter’s horizontal orientation as well. It also increases the downforce on the front axis, making one of the most beautiful sports cars of the past 15 years not only look better but also better handled.
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