Perfect down to the last detail even in 1:43

GEMBALLA MIG-U1 1:43 model carGEMBALLA MIG-U1 1:43 model carGEMBALLA MIG-U1 1:43 model car
They may not have an engine but they have drive and are perfect down to the last detail: GEMBALLA also sells many of its legendary cars from the past as scale models in 1:43. Particularly popular among fans and collectors all over the world are the limited 30th-Anniversary-Edition models like the MIG U1, based on the Ferrari ENZO FERRARI. What all models have in common is excellent synthetic-resin workmanship. This material always fits perfectly and is very suitable for a detailed reproduction. And GEMBALLA provides many of such realistic and fitting details: bodies, alloy wheels and air inlets as well as the brake components, for the original developed in conjunction with Brembo, and the striking GEMBALLA tail pipes. And you can even see the avant-garde interior. So the GEMBALLA 1:43 models show the same virtues as the big ones.

The MIG U1 is available from GEMBALLA for €59.
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