Wheel spacers with EC operating license (ABE)

GEMBALLA wheel spacers with certificationsGEMBALLA wheel spacers with certificationsGEMBALLA wheel spacers with certifications
Attractive forged or cast light alloy wheels are generally the starting point when it comes to vehicle refinement at GEMBALLA. For an optical and technical finish, the long-established company from Leonberg offers wheels spacers „made in Germany“. They have been specifically tailord to vehicles from Porsche and McLaren and are a real benchmark in this field. On top of that, they are extremely easy to mount, especially since the included EC operating license makes registration unnecessary. The high-quality aluminum wheel spacers reduce the offset, pushing the wheels farther out, flush with the wheel wells. This gives a harmonious, energetic impression. The showstopper: the spacers are available in black or silver, matching the aluminum rims perfectly. The car benefits from the technical advantage of the wheel spacers as well: thanks to their lightweight design they are virtually neutral in relation to the non-suspended mass but tangibly reduce lateral inclination due to the modified leverage.
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