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GEMBALLA dream cars have been huge fun to drive and look at for three decades. Most of these cars still exist and are cared for, loved and driven by collectors and car fans all over the world. And the fun includes the feeling to have made a good long-term investment, too.

“While quite a number of tuned cars actually decrease in value very soon, traditionally GEMBALLA cars enjoy an enormous value conservation,“ says CEO Andreas Schwarz: “We just saw an auction where a GEMBALLA Extremo Speedster from 1997 was estimated at EUR 600,000. And there are many other examples.“ And this has a reason: GEMBALLA flagship models are usually limited. The MIRAGE GT series, for example, based on the Porsche Carrera GT, will consist of 25 cars in total, meaning that only 2 further vehicles will be built. And customised interiors guarantee that no car is like any other. To be sure, the other “Production Cars”, as GEMBALLA calls its complete make-overs, are also rare. But here, the good resale price primarily results from other factors for which the tuner from Leonberg is known. GEMBALLA enjoys the status of a car manufacturer and a wide vertical range of manufacture. This means that models like the AVALANCHE, TORNADO or MISTRALE really stand out from their basis and are very distinct. So when the original manufacturer opts for a facelift or produces a new model, they are still never outdated. And what we can truly say about all products and automobiles by GEMBALLA is that this value conservation comes from sterling workmanship. Precisely measured and adapted body kits made of real carbon fibre, excellently manufactured wheels, expansively uprated engines and high-quality saddling work make the car always look good – regardless of its age or number of owners. “And the driving fun you will have with it is priceless anyway,” says Andreas Schwarz.
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