Celebration of Style 2014

If you would describe cars from GEMBALLA with the language of fashion, you would be talking about Haute Couture. The renowned German customizing company got even closer to the world of fashion and glamour: The new GEMBALLA sales partner for England, GEMBALLA Liverpool, showed some faszinating cars at this year’s Celebration of Style (November 13 to 15). Thus, GEMBALLA is perfectly expanding its distribution network, which also comprises GEMBALLA London. On display were the unique and powerful MISTRALE and the GTP 720 record car. Both are based on the Porsche Panamera. Number three was a Porsche Cayenne with the amazing AERO II body kit from GEMBALLA. Behind the scenes of GEMBALLA Liverpool, the experienced company OCD Porsche is responsible for sales, assembly and maintenance. „Decisive of our partner choice was the technical equipment and the experience of the staff. Nearly everybody there has a background in the Porsche or Porsche tuning business“, says GEMBALLA’s CEO Andreas Schwarz. „Thus, we got an optimal addition to our older dealership in London, which is represented by the renowned company Charles Ivey Porsche Specialists.“
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