Geneva International Motorshow 2012

GEMBALLA has been creating bespoke tuned cars with unique design, character, and outstanding performance for decades, but 2012 promises to be an exceptionally good year.

The 82nd Geneva International Motor Show marks the expansion of the GEMBALLA portfolio into the McLaren brand. As Managing Director, Andreas Schwarz explains: “McLaren’s lightweight construction philosophy, exclusivity and client profile are a perfect fit for our own philosophy.”

Apart from the unique GEMBALLA interpretation of the McLaren MP4-12C, booth 6350 will also feature four individual Porsche-based GEMBALLA creations. Each of these handcrafted cars features carbon-fibre components, “Made in Germany.” GEMBALLA presents three world premieres and two highlights:
World premiere #1: McLaren MP4-12C. The lessons learned from decades of motorsport have been distilled into a state-of-the art super sports car, and GEMBALLA extends the cars lightweight construction philosophy with bespoke carbon-fibre components and ultra-light forged wheels (front axle 20-inch, rear axle 21-inch).

World premiere #2: The 991 is a 911 right to the core, and GEMBALLA continues the success story of this living legend with a stylish carbon-fibre aerodynamic kit comprising front and rear spoilers and side skirts. A unique six-pipe exhaust system, and 21-inch ultra-light forged alloy wheels complete the package.

World premiere #3: The second stage of the GEMBALLA tuning programme for the Cayenne is a modular aerodynamic kit. The front spoiler, side skirts and rear spoiler and, all made from carbon-fibre, can be purchased in stages. Add a set of lightweight forged 22-inch wheels and you have a distinctive and practical car.

Model highlight – 1: The GEMBALLA MISTRALE features 721hp/529kW, an extravagant design, state-of-the-art technology, and a plush but sporting interior. All its major external body components are made from carbon-fibre, and ultra-light 22-inch forged alloy wheels complete the transformation.

Model highlight – 2: The 2.05m wide GEMBALLA TORNADO makes a bold statement, backed up by 721hp/529kW. Featuring light but immensely strong carbon-fibre bodywork, the TORNADO also showcases the special braking system developed in conjunction with Brembo.
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