Top Marques Monaco

In purely computational terms the 800 kilometres between Leonberg and Monaco represent less than 2.5 hours driving time – at least in the GEMBALLA MISTRALE with its top speed of over 340 km/h. And what could be more appropriate and atmospheric than to drive this car named after an impulsive Mediterranean wind through the picturesque alleys and streets of the legendary principality? The car manufacturer is making use of the four days of motoring hurly-burly at the Top Marques event to present the latest upgrade, boasting 744 PS / 547 kW / 985 Nm, to the press and the public. GEMBALLA will be in Monaco from 17 to 20 April at the same time as the Luxury Car Motor Show and will also be showing the GEMBALLA GT based on the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. However, unlike in many previous years, the Leonberg company will not have its own exhibition stand this year, but will use the breathtaking backdrop of the City of the Grimaldi as an independent stage for the MISTRALE and the GEMBALLA GT.

With its tremendous performance, its almost unique design and a body made virtually entirely of carbon fibre materials, the MISTRALE is a very distinctive car which will cause a furore even in the luxury-car hotspot of Monaco," explains CEO Schwarz. Compared with the current version, GEMBALLA is another notch up the Beaufort scale by adding a further 23 PS / 17 kW and 30 Nm to the car's fascination and propelling it from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds. All previously delivered MISTRALE models are also fully "updateable". On the other hand the SLR already enjoys legendary status, and all the more so in the form of the modern GEMBALLA GT. In addition to a power upgrade to all of 666 PS / 490 kW, the elite supersports car also boasts a body performance package which considerably increases downforce and stands out with its daytime running lights. A specially developed coilover suspension system with road and track modes provides ground adhesion that will cope superbly with any situation.
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