Exhaust System for Cayenne

GEMBALLA Exhaust System with valve control for Porsche 958 CayenneGEMBALLA Exhaust System with valve control for Porsche 958 Cayenne
The sound a car makes is a significant part of its character, and as we tend to hear a powerful, sporting car before we see it, its engine and exhaust note tell us that something interesting is coming.
At GEMBALLA, consideration for car’s sonic signature is given as much thought as the rest of the vehicle, and the V8-petrol engined Porsche Cayenne (958) is the latest model to receive a distinctive sounding sports exhaust system.

“To achieve the ideal balance between strict noise limits in town and a throaty roar on the open road, our engineers incorporated a variable exhaust valve into the system,” explained GEMBALLA CEO, Andreas Schwarz. For the naturally-aspirated Cayenne S and GTS models, this system consists of new rear silencer boxes that fit straight on, while the Turbo and Turbo S comes with adaptors that slip over their larger pipes. An electronic module controls the exhaust valves. Made in Germany from high quality stainless steel, this exhaust system uses a larger diameter internal tubing to reduce back-pressure. The system helps the engine to breathe more freely, liberating up to an extra 10hp (7.35 kW), depending on the engine variant.

With the issues of power and sound resolved, the designers set about giving the end pipes the distinctive GEMBALLA look, using the triple outlets per side design first seen on the GEMBALLA AVALANCHE supercar that stunned the automotive world in the 1980s. After extensive testing on the engine dyno, the exhaust was installed on a test car and driven thousands of kilometers on both road and track to prove its durability. It now goes on sale with full EC type-approval as well as German TÜV approval.

The triple outlet pipe design is offered with the "BLACK MAGIC" finish, while less flamboyant GEMBALLA clients will appreciate the more conventional twin outlet-per-side end pipe design in polished stainless steel. Whichever way you look at it, the GEMBALLA sports exhaust delivers great sound and style.
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