Variations on a theme

GEMBALLA "production cars", such as the AVALANCHE, TORNADO, MISTRALE, MIRAGE GT and MIG are sophisticated low volume models based on the most exclusive supercars.

The strict limit on production numbers, and the stunning level of detail in the customisation of these top-of-the-line GEMBALLA cars ensures their utmost value and exclusivity. A second string to GEMBALLA’s bow is the modular individualization packages that transform the look and feel of Porsche and McLaren vehicles. These allow owners to add individual components like alloy wheels, aerodynamic parts and interior trim highlights in stages. We make no compromises in quality during the development and production of our products. Only the highest quality materials are used, and the perfect fit of all our aerodynamic components is guaranteed.

Carbon-fibre is used for all these aerodynamic parts with digital measurements of the original mounting points ensuring a perfect fit every time. Our alloy wheels are made from either cast or forged aluminum depending on the price point of each range. Every GEMBALLA component is designed, developed and tested in-house to our rigorous standards. All aerodynamic parts are wind tunnel tested, with engine and upgrades developed and tested on our dynamometer as well as on road and track.

The engine and chassis upgrades undergo thousands of kilometers of road and track testing, and have to meet our subjective quality standards as well as the objective German TUV safety and emissions standards, before they can be signed off for sale.

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