While good performance comes from a fine balancing act of chassis ability and engine power, the suspension is the limiting factor on real world roads with bends, cambers and bumps.

To enable GEMBALLA vehicles to stay at the top of their game, substantial resources are directed at developing and refining appropriate spring, damper and anti-roll bar combinations for some models, and specific software applications for the air suspension systems on others. Unlike a racing car, a good road car has to have a fine balance between sportiness and comfort. Thus, the chassis engineers first have to familiarise themselves with the basic character of a car before setting out to create chassis settings that can handle GEMBALLA’s infusion of extra power and larger wheel/tyre combinations.

In some cases, the customer has a voice in how his car will go down the road. The electronically controlled air suspension systems on the Cayenne and Panamera offer different basic settings, and revised software maps can be accessed at the touch of a button. The purely mechanical suspension on other models requires a traditional approach to establish the ideal settings for springs and dampers. In this case, specialist partner companies with state of the art simulation equipment are called upon to undertake development work. The final production settings are defined by experienced test drivers who put in hundreds of hours on road and track before signing off a product.

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